Announcing innovations for the Duolingo platform
One of the most used applications in foreign language learning in our country, Duolingo adds innovations to the platform. The company announced the innovations that will come to its platform at its virtual conference.

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At Duolingo’s virtual conference, the company announced that it will offer new games and puzzles to help people learn languages ​​that don’t use the Latin alphabet, such as Japanese or Arabic. In addition to these, the application will also include a family plan.
One of the main new features the company will add will appear for some languages. In addition to the innovations added to languages ​​that do not use the Latin alphabet, voice support will also be offered to users. Audio support will also be provided for languages ​​that are difficult to pronounce. This is already available on Android, but now the feature will come to iOS and the web.

In addition, a family plan will be added to the platform. The family plan will offer an ad-free experience of Duolingo Plus to six people (the subscriber with a family manager and five others). They will present quizzes on the language they are learning. In particular, Duolingo will provide support for Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Hindi and Hebrew languages. In addition to innovations, different games such as puzzles will be added.

Five more languages ​​are coming to the app soon: Haitian Creole, Zulu, Xhosa, Tagalog, and Maori. Accordingly, we can say that the platform improves its language options considerably. “We’ve been working for years to elevate the status of South African languages,” Nal’ibali COO Katie Huston said in a statement. “