Standing out with its long and deep-rooted history, Germany is among the world’s favorite migration destinations. Spreading across Western and Central Europe, the country encounters a heavy tourist population especially in the spring and summer months when temperatures start to rise. You can also explore important cities and places in Germany by making holiday plans to the modern European country. Discord servers
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Germany Attractions List
Having completed its national unity in 1871, Germany welcomes many tourists every year with its 16 federal sub-regions. You can experience a cultural and historical trip by flying to a modern country that has made great contributions to European civilization in the fields of art such as music, theater and philosophy.

Let’s move on to the details on our list of places to visit in Germany without further ado… Duolingo

  1. Berlin
    The capital city Berlin, which attracts attention with its historical texture, colorful nightlife, narrow streets and artistic activities, is at the top of the list of places to visit in Germany. At the very center of the city, Potsdamer Square, which gained importance after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, attracts attention. In the square, which reflects the bohemian spirit of Europe, you can either visit the shopping centers or take a walk on the colorful streets. You can witness historical moments by visiting architectural works such as the Berliner Dom, Brandenburg Gate, Gendarmenmarkt, Bellevue Palace, Olympiastadion and Charlottenburg Palace.
  2. Munich
    Home to approximately 1.5 million people, Munich is known as the capital of the state of Bavaria. BMW Museum, Munich Residenz, Frauenkirche and Nymphenburg Palace, Theatinerkirche and English Garden represent the main attractions of the city. The city, which is worth seeing with its old squares and churches, has reflected its real reputation with the Oktoberfest beer festival. Held at the beginning of October, the festival is in demand by millions of people every year. Busy every hour of the day, Marienplatz Street has been maintaining its importance as the main square of the city since 1158. Mariensaule, St. Peter’s Church and Neues Rathaus are among the other structures you can come across in the region.