Apart from the original gift options mentioned above, you can find plenty of magnets, t-shirts, trinkets and key chain souvenirs in Paris. Especially figurines in the shape of the Eiffel Tower can be nice souvenirs.

You can find all kinds of trinkets, from the size of a small key chain to 1 meter in length. Eiffel Tower shaped trinkets start at 1 Euro in souvenir shops.

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But around the Eiffel Tower, you can shop much cheaper at peddlers. You just have to bargain a little. Although they give a price of 1-2 Euros per piece for a small keychain, you can also get 20-30 keychains for much more affordable prices such as 10 Euros. Finally, you can find much more original and quality products at the souvenir shops on Montmartre Hill.
Finally, I would like to talk about the shopping culture in Paris. In general, shops in the city are open between 09:00-19:00 every day except Sunday.

Although some small boutiques close for 1-2 hours at noon, there is generally no such trend. Big stores are open one day a week (called late-night) until 21:00 in the evening.

On Sundays, some shops in Paris may be open, while others may be closed. I would suggest you to think about it like this; While the touristic shops and big shopping malls in the city center are open on Sundays, they are closed as you go out of the centre.

During special periods such as Christmas, you can find most stores open. In summary; There are no time restrictions when shopping in Paris, except in exceptional cases.

You can also do tax free shopping from Paris. In other words, you can get VAT refunded for your shopping. You can get a refund of up to 12% of your purchases worth 175 Euros or more from places where you see the “Global Blue” sticker, but don’t forget to fill out the tax free form.

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Throughout the article on what to buy in Paris, I tried to give information about all the original products sold in the city. What can you buy in Paris? If you have anything you want to add to the article, please share it with us by writing a comment!

Finally; Detailed information and photos of places to visit in Paris, information about places to visit in Paris, accommodation in the city and hotel recommendations, where to stay in Paris? You can find it in my articles.

Announcing innovations for the Duolingo platform
One of the most used applications in foreign language learning in our country, Duolingo adds innovations to the platform. The company announced the innovations that will come to its platform at its virtual conference.

At Duolingo’s virtual conference, the company announced that it will offer new games and puzzles to help people learn languages ​​that don’t use the Latin alphabet, such as Japanese or Arabic. In addition to these, the application will also include a family plan.
One of the main new features the company will add will appear for some languages. In addition to the innovations added to languages ​​that do not use the Latin alphabet, voice support will also be offered to users. Audio support will also be provided for languages ​​that are difficult to pronounce. This is already available on Android, but now the feature will come to iOS and the web.

In addition, a family plan will be added to the platform. The family plan will offer an ad-free experience of Duolingo Plus to six people (the subscriber with a family manager and five others). They will present quizzes on the language they are learning. In particular, Duolingo will provide support for Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Hindi and Hebrew languages. In addition to innovations, different games such as puzzles will be added.

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Five more languages ​​are coming to the app soon: Haitian Creole, Zulu, Xhosa, Tagalog, and Maori. Accordingly, we can say that the platform improves its language options considerably. “We’ve been working for years to elevate the status of South African languages,” Nal’ibali COO Katie Huston said in a statement. “

Standing out with its long and deep-rooted history, Germany is among the world’s favorite migration destinations. Spreading across Western and Central Europe, the country encounters a heavy tourist population especially in the spring and summer months when temperatures start to rise. You can also explore important cities and places in Germany by making holiday plans to the modern European country.

Germany Attractions List
Having completed its national unity in 1871, Germany welcomes many tourists every year with its 16 federal sub-regions. You can experience a cultural and historical trip by flying to a modern country that has made great contributions to European civilization in the fields of art such as music, theater and philosophy.

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Let’s move on to the details on our list of places to visit in Germany without further ado